Fun Fact #1

Ralph (currently) has a total of 18 dogs snoozing, sniffing and whiffing around our four offices.

Fun Fact #2

Name any US film studio. Chances are, Ralph’s teamed up with them at some point. We’ve got the coffee mugs to prove it.

Fun Fact #3

A person called Ralph has never worked at Ralph. Confusing I know.

Fun Fact #4

In 2019, Ralph flew all our offices to Miami for “RalphFest”. Little did we know that just months later, this would’ve been called a super-spreader event.

Fun Fact #5

Globally, Ralph has moved offices a total of 12 times. Apparently we love a change of scenery!

Fun Fact #6

The DNA of a Ralphie is to Enjoy, Entertain and Evolve. It’s what’s kept us around for 18 years. Oh, and the apple a day.

Fun Fact #7

Ralph once made a cartoon series for Nickelodeon starring John Boyega as a time-travelling slow loris. Star Wars was just his side gig after that.

Fun Fact #8

Ralph has probably worked on one of your fave Netflix shows. (Okay, not technically a fact. So sue us!)

Fun Fact #9

Ralph started life as a web design agency. We’ve come a long way since Comic Sans was considered a legit font choice.

Fun Fact #10

2007: The year Ralph misspelt Brian Bryan Cranston’s name on every script and call sheet during production of our Breaking Bad webisodes. Oops!

Fun Fact #11

Ralph’s passport stamps: Born in London (2005), partied in NYC (2009), sunned in LA (2017) and dazzled in Tokyo (2020).

Fun Fact #12

Early Ralph merch included branded cigarette lighters. Ah, the noughties! What were we thinking?

Fun Fact #13

Why is Ralph named Ralph? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, even to us.

Fun Fact #14

We’re not bragging, but Ralph’s mantle boasts an Emmy, 6 Webbys, a BAFTA, 8 Clios and a couple of Shortys. And counting!

Fun Fact #15

Ralph has 4 offices and 110 employees… not including our canine co-workers.

Fun Fact #16

Ralph once created its own brand of hot sauce which brought tears to your eyes. Something early clients often said we did to them also.

Fun Fact #17

Ralph is about to release its 4th edition of Ralph socks. Designed to keep your feet (and hands) warm.

Fun Fact #18

Now that Ralph is 18, we can all go out for our first company drinks! But only in our UK and Tokyo offices. NY and LA have to wait 3 years.